History of Calla Lily Festival

The Xihai Leisure Agriculture Zone, located in Xihai Village, Dayuan Section, is an important area for florists and flower handlers in the north Taiwan. The city is known to be productive of cut flowers, potted plants, flowers and herbs. It is the high season for Calla Lilies and Perfume lilies blooming in every January to April. Leisure agriculture has been developed actively in Xihai Village recently and is devoted to the transformation from agriculture industry into exquisite leisure tourism industry. In order to improve the utilizing of farmlands and rural resources. Also, promote agriculture industry structural transformation as well. Xihai Leisure Agriculture Development Association held flower market activities in 2017 to develop  the Xihai Village as an area that combines leisure tourism and exquisite agriculture industry.

Taoyaun city government held the first Taoyuan Calla Lily festival here in 2017. Let the blooming of calla lily  during every January to April as the leading character, the festival contains sea of flowers, art cultural activities, flowers related decoration, contest and market activities. Through the cooperation with Xihai Leisure Agriculture Development Association and local resources, the festival shows the core values of nature and a better  results in an easy way.