Creative Events

Make Your Live Show
Free souvenir! If you start a Facebook Live on the exhibition for 5 mins with the hashtag “2018 Taoyuan Calla Lily Festival”. Show your wonderful work to the service center, then you can get a free souvenir. (Daily limited supply)

Tag Your Friends
Don’t miss the prize! If you join any event at the Angel Church . Don’t forget to take and upload 3 pictures on your Facebook. Also, tag your friends with a comment of “2018 Taoyuan Calla Lily Festival”. Then you are able to join the prize draw! ( The comment privacy status must be set as “public”.
Try The Wedding Suit
An excellent chance to wear different kind of wedding dress! There will be international wedding dress experience event at March 11th. Put on your wedding dress, take picture and upload to your Facebook. You can get a free souvenir as well! (Limited supply)