Calla Lily Education Garden

Dayuan is the important place in Taoyuan. The Xihai Leisure Agriculture Zone, located in Xihai Village, Dayuan Section, is an important area for florists and flower handlers in the north. It is known to be productive of cut flowers, potted plants, flowers and herbs. It is the high season for Calla Lilies and Perfume lilies blooming in every January to April. Therefore, 2018 Taoyuan Calla Lily Festival sets Calla Lily Education Garden to share the secret of Calla Lily with you.

In order to provide every impact of knowledge, Calla Lily Education Garden sets up a variety of special exhibitions for the public to visit. The exhibition area includes a flower display area, handmade experienced area, Xihai young farmer lectures and VR experience area.

Flower Display Area

Is there only the white color for Calla Lily ? Are the colored Calla Lilies stained?

Calla Lily Education Garden leads you to see a different world of Calla Lily. 

Handmade Experience

Follow the teacher to learn how to make a unique Calla Lily bougainvillea corsage, painted hat and handmade soap. Learn the combination of handmade with local resources to create the most unique handmade works for you.

※On-site registration only. Please refer to “Event Registration” for further information .

Young Master of Calla Lily Farm – Xihai Young Farmer Lectures

Why there are more and more young people planting flowers, farming vegetables as their careers and turn into a young farmer? Is farming actually a romantic ideal or another drastic trial?
The young farmers will share their experiences at the “Young Master of Calla Lily farm-Xihai young farmer lecture. 

◎Internet reservation required. Please refers to “Event Registration” for further information.

VR Experience Area

Put on the VR glasses to enter the Calla Lily field instantly!
Do you want to know what does it look like in the virtual Calla Lily filed? Come and experience the latest VR technology! You can get a delicate gift after the experience.