Calla Lily Festival Vision

2018 Taoyuan Calla Lily Festival aims to make Taoyuan as a happy and lovers-must-go tourist city. With the leading character, calla lily, the festival build a stage that combines the sea of flowers, gardens, installation arts and experiencing activities, also, the country image. It helps both the growth of tourists and development of local tourism industry. Meanwhile, it make a further promotion for flower and plant industry in Taoyuan via the innovation of marketing. Through the ideal of sustainable development, it lifts the exhibition break into the international level gradually and attracts worldwide travelers. Furthermore, it becomes the most unique and international calla lily garden.

To the future, “Taoyuan Calla Lily Festival” is not only drawing up an appropriate development mode through matching the characteristics of agriculture resources in Xihai Leisure Agricultural area. It creates local leisure agricultural features as well. Therefore, after doing the research of local agricultural industry, humanity, culture and ecology, taking local agricultural features as consideration, with the premise of sustainable development, the goals of development vision are as below:

1. Integration of local resources, grouped counseling to highlight the benefits.
2. Help local potential farmers transform to leisure agriculture industry.
3. Strengthen agricultural experience and explanation activities.
4. Developing the catering service with local agricultural.
5. Designing the low-carbon travel package with local resource.

We are trying to build the Xihai area as a charming place for tourists all over the world.