Exhibition Map

Service and Facilities Description

1 For wheelchair, baby stroller or breast feeding room user, please contact the No.2 information center.
2 For Chinese and English Guiding service, please contact the NO.1 information center. (Online reservation required). P.s. The on-site public reservation will be opened once the internet entries are not fulfilled.
3 Free shuttle bus: the location for getting on or off the shuttle bus is the same.
(Please follow the on-site signals to the shuttle bus station)
4 Other Notice:
  (1)The last daily shuttle bus to the exhibition is at 15:30
  (2)Apart from the parking lot, cars cannot be parked randomly. Please refer to the official website for further information.
  (3)Smoking is not allowed.
  (4)There are numerous dynamic and interactive facilities. Please be aware of your safety.
  (5)Drone is not allowed to use without applying in advance.
  (6)Pets’ relating regulations with taking the shuttle bus
    ●Guide dog is allowed to take the shuttle bus.
    ●Pets need to be in cage or other kinds of container while taking the shuttle bus.
    ●Each passenger can only carry one container which size does not more than 27 cubic inches.
    ●Pet should be kept in close to the owner and should not place on seats or luggage racks or aisle.
    ●Container with pet needs to be raped with waterproof tape and keep feces removed.
    ●Pets suffering from serious illness, interfering pubic order or sanitary, being aggressive or dangerous and not suitable to carry are not allowed to take the shuttle bus.
    ●If meet any of the above regulation can be refused to take the shuttle bus.